Eat well

As you get older, you’re able to start making your own decisions about a lot of things that matter most to you. You may choose your own clothes, music, and friends. You also may be ready to make decisions about your body and health. Making healthy decisions about what you eat and drink, how active you are, and how much sleep you get is a great place to start. 

How does the body use energy?
Your body needs energy to function and grow. Calories from food and drinks give you that energy. Think of food as energy to charge up your battery for the day. Throughout the day, you use energy from the battery to think and move, so you need to eat and drink to stay powered up. Balancing the energy you take in through food and beverages with the energy you use for growth, activity, and daily living is called “energy balance.” Energy balance may help you stay a healthy weight.

Healthy eating patterns can improve your overall health

  • Fuels your body to work, live and play
  • Improves your mood and helps you feel your best 
  • Increases energy
  • Controls weight
  • Reduces risk of disease
  • Boosts brain function


Make it a habit to eat a variety of healthy foods each day!

A few basic rules to live by:

  1. Eat whole foods and limit highly and ultra-processed foods
  2. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit
  3. Choose whole grains (ie. quinoa, wild rice, whole grain pasta)
  4. Watch your sugar intake
  5. Increase the amount of fibre that you eat

Live a little!

  • Indulging in an ice cream cone is part of the enjoyment of life
  • Focus on eating well most of the time (~80%) and prioritize mindful indulgences 20% of the time

Here is a video on Meal Planning for Beginners | 6 Easy Steps 

We believe at GT360 Foundation that good nutrition and learning how to create healthy foods for yourself is a life skill that will serve you as you get older. Register for our Eat Well micro learning session that is fun and engaging. You will walk away with the necessary tools to prep and prepare meals on your own. Register here.

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